Keka Guards are lightweight but highly durable providing the ultimate protection of arms and shins of all ages. Gates glide off of the guard deflecting the high impact hit. Interior foam padding absorbs the shock from impact and the guards are held in place by two adjustable length nylon/velcro straps.

Handmade in Minnesota, U.S.A.
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    Arm Guards
  • Availble in 5 sizes - we can make custom lengths, email requests
  • Size Guidelines - bend elbow, measure from outside wristbone to tip of the bone above elbow
  • 7" size recommended for young children or very thin arms
  • Carbon
    Carbon Arm Guards Sizes
    Custom Color
    Custom Color Arm Guards Sizes
    Straps for Arm And Shin Guards

  • Straps made of nylon and velcro.
  • Straps are adjustable.
  • Additional adjustments made to the inside portion of the stap make it shorter or longer.
  • We also make custom straps lengths.

  • Black straps: 1 set is 4 straps.
    Strap Sizes
    Shin Guards

  • Smooth rounded shape wraps around the outside edge of the leg.
  • Comes with adjustable straps.
  • Small Guard suggested for under 5'2" height with thin legs.
  • Medium Guard suggested for 5' to 5'6" height slender legs.

  • Carbon
    Carbon Shin Sizes
    Custom Color
    Color Shin Sizes
    Color Choice
    Custom Shin Guards
    Email request to
    Starting at $300.00
    Available upon special requests. A custom guard is created from a mold of the athlete's legs for a better anatomically correct fit. Molds can be made over knee braces. Available in carbon fiber or kevlar.
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